Q: Can you explain the undertones of each color family of foundation shades?

A: Yes. Here’s a quick list.

  • Yellows = beige + yellow
  • Warms = beige + yellow + peach
  • Neutrals = beige + yellow + peach + pink: Neutral Tone: Is a color that is not really yellow and not =
  • really pink. It’s in between warm and cool colors…

It can also be used to neutralize pink skin or ruddiness. Some women have roseaca, and their skin can be too red in the t-zone area… When they use a neutral color, it will balance the redness in their skin.

  • Cools = beige + peach + pink
  • Pinks = beige + pink

See our, “Find Your Color” page for pictures.

How can I tell if I’m warm or cool?

  1. Hold a piece of white paper next to your cheek & look in the mirror.
  2. Do you look a little “Yellow” compared to the paper? If you are more yellow, then you are a Warm Color.
  3. Do you look a little “Pink” compared to the paper? If you are more red, then you are a Cool Color.
  4. Can’t really tell if you look more pink or yellow? That makes you a neutral color.

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